Sooooo, I took my ASVAB today. Kind of. Haha. 20 minutes into the test all the computers in the room went into server maintenance for an hour. We got to take a 40 minute break or so and came back to see that the computers were still down. So, now I’m finishing my test with everyone else Tuesday :) woo for more study time!

Also, my recruiter invited me to the video above ^ On Sunday. Tough Mudder! 2012! Oh god, I am going to die. Seriously. A 10-12 mile obstacle course with 25+ military style obstacles. I’m surprised my recruiter invited me even though I’m not even in the DEP yet. He must really like me or something. Hopefully I make friends with the others on the trip :) wish me luck so I don’t die.

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  • Posted: 05 October 2012